The Journey From Personality to Being: Becoming the Pearl Beyond Price

The Diamond Approach teachings cover the journey of the soul from its unconscious identification with personality through her return home to True Nature. Many mystical paths have written of this same journey.

While each person's journey is unique, in the Diamond Approach, we find that this journey often begins with increasing contact with qualities of Being which are aspects of True Nature that have been distorted by personality, such as Love, Joy, Will, Power, Strength, Compassion and Peace.

As the soul clears, these aspects can arise more purely, and the personality "thins" and becomes more transparent to True Nature. The soul may then open to the Boundless/Formless dimensions of Divine Love, Pure Being, Non-Conceptual Awareness, Creative Dynamism and ultimately to her home in the mysterious ground of the Absolute. Each new dimension can stir up conflicts and issues which need to be worked through.

As the inner work progresses, increasingly the soul lives her Realization as the Pearl Beyond Price—a unique person, living a full, engaged human life, embodied and contactful, yet grounded in and arising from the vast Mystery of the Absolute.

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Activating the Journey of Realization

As many have discovered, the spiritual journey while wondrous, can be difficult: openings are often followed by periods of contraction. One of the contributions of the Diamond Approach, is an understanding of specific issues that can arise at each stage of the journey, and methods for working with these issues so that spiritual experiences can become a stable way of Being.

The Diamond Approach combines two powerful orientations for working with the transformation of personality into Being. The first, typical of many spiritual traditions, focuses on opening to True Nature through teachings, meditations, body-oriented methods, and the practice of presence.

The second involves teachings which address the specific issues that can arise at different stages of the journey and the practice of inquiry into and engagement with one's current state—obstacles as well as essential eperiences. Each student inquires into his or her moment-by-moment experience, exploring bodily sensations, images, emotions, and insights as they arise. The inquiry is done sometimes when alone, sometimes with fellow students, sometimes with one's teacher. Together these methods activate a process of unfolding which is unique to each person.

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