Gathering the Honey of Presence:

Community as Support for Spiritual Realization

The full support of the Diamond Approach has three levels: large group meetings, monthly small group meetings, and private sessions with a teacher once or twice a month.

Large group meetings are held either on five or six weekends a year or longer retreats which meet less frequently. These gatherings include talks on a particular aspect or dimension of Being and the issues that obscure it, and opportunities to explore reactions to the talks through a variety of exercises.

Each large group also breaks down into smaller groups which meet monthly. In the presence of the small group, students work with a teacher on their own unique process. These smaller groups provide an opportunity to work on family and group issues which obscure true relationship as well as the depth and Presence of the group itself.

Finally, students also inquire into their unfolding process with a teacher in private sessions that integrate gentle bodywork with inquiry.

Typically, after a period of consolidation, Diamond Approach groups are on-going for many years. A Diamond Approach group gathers the "honey" of Essential Presence and through the members' commitment to Truth, supports the awakening and quickening of each student's spiritual unfoldment.

About the San Diego Diamond Approach Group

The San Diego Diamond Approach group is currently offering introductory evenings, weekends and private sessions. Small groups will be added later.

To explore this path:

Come to an Introductory Evening

An Introductory Evening will be held on the Friday night before each workshop from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. This evening provides an opportunity to meet Sanjen and hear an overview of the practices and teachings of the Diamond Approach. Cost is $20. Since it is a repeating introduction to the Diamond Approach there is no need to attend more than one of these evenings. Location: to be announced. To attend, please fill out a registration form and mail a check as indicated on the form.

Attend a Weekend

You are invited to attend several of our weekends before making a commitment to join the Group. Each weekend will focus on a different core aspect of the Diamond Approach and will include talks as well as experiental exercises to ground the teaching. Weekends are held at the Marina Village Conference Center in San Diego. Cost is $200 if paid at least two weeks in advance, $250 after that. Hours are 10-6. To attend, please fill out the registration form and mail a check as indicated on the form.

Apply to Join the Group

If you already know about the Diamond Approach and want to become a member of this group, please contact Sanjen Miedzinski at or at her home office (510) 524-1633 to introduce yourself, get an application form and schedule an in-person interview.

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2012 Retreat Dates:

April 13-15 (intro evening: April 12)
June 15-17 (intro evening: June 14)
August 31-September 2 (intro evening: August 30)
October 5-7 (intro evening: October 4)
December 14-16 (intro evening: December 13)