The Teacher

Diamond Approach teachers are ongoing students of A. H. Almaas. In addition, they have completed a nine-year seminary training involving coursework, intensives, a three-year supervised internship, and final examinations before being ordained.

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Sanjen Miedzinski, who is leading the San Diego group, has been a student of A. H. Almaas for twenty years, and was ordained eleven years ago. As a Diamond Approach Teacher she is legally a Minister in the State of California. Sanjen may be joined by other teachers as the group grows. Sanjen has worked with Diamond Approach groups in Holland, New York, Seattle and California. For the past year she has been conducting introductory workshops in the Diamond Approach in San Diego.

Sanjen holds a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology from the City University of New York and a B. S. in Biochemistry from Pennsylvania State University. In addition to her work as a Diamond Approach teacher, she has spent the last thirty-five years working with individuals and couples as well as designing, directing and teaching in graduate counseling psychology programs with a transpersonal orientation at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California, and the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

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